AAHP Board of Directors

The AAHP Board of Directors consists of the Executive Director, President,  President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, three elected Board Members-At-Large, ASHP Delegates, appointed Council Chairmen and Technician Representative.

2017-18 AAHP Board of Directors  
 President Brandy Owen
 President-elect David Fortner
 Immediate Past President  Kendrea Jones
 Treasurer Kendrea Jones
 Secretary Melissa Shipp
 Board Members at Large

Kimberly Young (2017-2019)
Erin Beth Hays (2015-2018)
Joy Brock

ASHP Delegates

Lanita White (2017-2020)
Rayanne Story (2014-2017)

 Hospital Advisory Council

Maggie Williams (Chair)
Susan Newton
Tonya Robertson
Angie Powell

 Membership and Communication Council

Lindsey Dayer

 Programs and Education Council Marsha Crader
 New Practitioner, Resident and Student Council Amber Powell
 Technician Representative Holly Katayama
 Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy John Kirtley
Kevin Robertson
 Harding College of Pharmacy Jeff Mercer
 UAMS College of Pharmacy Keith Olsen
 Harding SSHP Faculty Advisor Rayanne Story
 UAMS SSHP Faculty Advisor

Tiffany Dickey
Ryan Pritchard

 Harding SSHP President Brady Clark
 UAMS SSHP President Mariam Khan
 APA Executive Vice President & CEO Scott Pace
 AAHP Executive Director Susan Newton


AAHP Board Members Serving on ASHP Committees
Lanita White

ASHP Committee on Nominations (2014-2017)
ASHP Committee on Education and Workforce Development (2015-2018)

Marsha Crader

ASHP Commission on Affiliate Relations (2016-2018)