APA Board of Directors

APA’s Board of Directors consists of licensed pharmacists (those in elective office) in Arkansas who have been members of the Association for three consecutive years. 
Its 28 members include: 

  • Immediate Past-President, President, President-Elect and Vice-President of the Association (one-year terms);
  • The Representatives of each of the Association's five (5) Regions as determined by the state's distribution of pharmacists;
  • Two (2) At-Large Representatives, which may come from any of the Association's five (5) Regions.
  • and Presidents of all APA academies (one-year terms).
  • Unless they serve in a preceding capacity, the following are ex-officio, non-voting members: 

                1. The pharmacist member of the Arkansas State Board of Health.

                2. The Executive Director of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy.

                3. The Deans of the Arkansas Colleges of Pharmacy.

                4. The President(s) of the Student Body of the Arkansas Colleges of Pharmacy.

                5. The Association's Executive Vice-President.

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Past Board Minutes 

  APA Board of Directors  

Lynn Crouse


Stephen Carroll

Dean Watts
Vice President

Eddie Glover
Past President

Dylan Jones
Region 1 Representative

Spencer Mabry
Region 1 Representative

Lacey Parker
Region 1 Representative


Max Caldwell
Region 2 Representative

Darla York

Region 2 Representative


Brandon Achor
Region 3 Representative

Clint Boone
Region 3 Representative

Lanita White
Region 3 Representative

Betsy Tuberville
Region 4 Representative

James Bethea
Region 5 Representative

Amber Bynum
At Large Representative

Yanci Walker
At Large Representative

Becca Mitchell
Compounding Academy President

Consultant Academy President

Brandy Owen
Health System Academy President

Gary Bass
Board of Health Representative

John Kirtley

Board of Pharmacy Representative

Keith Olsen
Dean, UAMS College of Pharmacy

Jeff Mercer
Dean, Harding College of Pharmacy

Meghan Petersen
Student, UAMS College of Pharmacy

Chithien Le
Student, Harding College of Pharmacy  

Richard Hanry

Harold Simpson

General Counsel