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Experienced full time pharmacy technician needed for Central Arkansas pharmacy. 
8:30-5 Monday- Friday with occasional Saturdays 9 am - 12 pm. Send resumes and inquiries to:

EyeconModel9400 for sale with two trays with original instruction booklet. Eyecon (GSE) for sale Ten sections of four foot white metal shelving. Excellent condition. Call (870) 833-0458 Eyecon (GSE) pill counter - excellent condition. Three years old. Call (870) 833-0458

Shelves and Counters For Sale: I have relocated my pharmacy and have the used pharmacy shelves and counter for sale. You can contact me at if you are interested. (10/11/17)

Relief Pharmacist available. Many years experience. Proficient in ComputerRx, Pioneer, and Liberty software with some exposure to QS1.  Call 501-231-1130. (9/14/17)

LEED Certified Pharmacy Fixtures and Shelving for Sale. Less than seven years old and in excellent condition. LEED Certified and hand crafted from maple wood. Made in the USA, in Eugene, Oregon. All shelving and counter tops to be sold as one unit, together, in a one time sale for $37,500. Original approximate retail value was $80,000. Contact for inquiries. (7/12/17)

Cantrell Drug Company in Little Rock is currently seeking applicants for Aseptic Compounding Pharmacist position in 503B Outsourcing Facility with the hours of 3pm – 12am. The Aseptic Compounding Pharmacist will be involved in day to day manufacturing operations at the facility and perform the duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with Cantrell Drug Company values and commitment to quality.  For more information, please email (06/28/17)