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2010 Strategic Plan

Working with an association management consultant in October 2010, the APA Board of Directors completed a Strategic Plan that incorporates five strategic goals as well as new mission and vision statements.  The Board reviewed the committee structure, income sources and the goals of other pharmacists associations before identifying the new goals, which may be equated to “core competencies” of the organization.  This work culminated in the Mission and Vision Statements below.

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Arkansas Pharmacists Association is to advance a professional and business environment for our members to be successful and fulfilled in serving patients.

Vision Statement:  The voice of pharmacists as health care providers in Arkansas.

1.  Membership Involvement and Relevance - Provide programs, services and opportunities that benefit pharmacy professionals in their careers.

2.  Advocacy and Government Relations - Protect and advance the practice of pharmacy, reimbursement and professional standing.

3.  Professional and Public Awareness of Pharmacy - Promote the value and role of pharmacists in driving cost savings.

4.  Pharmacy Practice in Primary Care and Health System Reform - Protect and expand the roles of pharmacists in health care.

5.  Association Strength - Maintain a powerful association able to serve the members and protect the profession in Arkansas.

2010 APA Strategic Plan Report

2010 APA Horizontal Strategic Plan & 5 Goals

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